Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Elephant In The Room

I haven't been posting. Many reasons. Some easy, some not.

But I need to post about the elephant.

Funny, everyone I know keeps telling me how great his foot looks.

I've told Steve my thoughts. I am sure he thinks I am nuts. That's ok. Isn't the first time. Won't be the last.

I see bad things in Matthew's foot.

He is getting a huge callous on the inside of his left heel. Very odd place to get a callous.

I mentioned this weeks ago to Steve. Being the wonderful ever half full kind of guy he is, said 'maybe he is walking and placing pressure on the inside of his foot.'

Not so odd a statement. E-stim has been doing some amazing things as seen by some previous posts. And, honestly, his mobility in that foot has been really good. Why would I question things?

There are some things that can't lie. The shoe is one. A few months ago, I had to buy all new shoes. They are now worn on the outside. And looking inside, they are torn up on the outside.

What does that mean? In my mind, all bad things.

Today I told Steve (out of ear shot of Matthew) that I was concerned that because of his osteotomy, that bone was being laid down, and causing issues. He said he would take a look and let me know.

His thoughts after were good. (Did I mention that I love Steve?) He doesn't feel any rough boney spots. No tenderness. Felt that his foot felt good mobility wise. Thought that his outward movement was the best ever.


But here comes that elephant. If everything is wonderful, why the callous, why the walking on the outside of his foot? I mean, it is not an occasional thing. He is ALWAYS on the outside of that foot. I know, I am the MOM. I will see things there, not there, and almost there. I am concerned. And I am seeing things that shouldn't be.

Matthew's next appointment with Dr Dobbs is June 27. He is due for x-rays to check for leg length discrepancy. I will be asking for an x-ray of his heel.

Looking for that elephant.