Thursday, July 5, 2012

Holiday Plans Out Of My Control

Summer holidays are finally here!  We have a very busy summer planned.  Started on June 29, heading out to Rowley Alberta for the ghost town atmosphere and a famous pizza night!  Then, on to Saskatchewan to visit family.

First stop...

Or just Rowley!

Rowley is a ghost town except for the last Saturday of each month when everyone comes out for pizza night.
I swear getting adults to look at the camera is harder then getting kids too!

The best part of a ghost town?  Playing on the playground equipment that has been banned everywhere else!  Ryan loved this thing!

It was a wonderful weekend spent with family celebrating Canada Day.  Even a little drizzle did nothing to dampen these campers spirits!

No matter how hard you plan, something always gets in the way.  This time, it was a large rock thrown from a fuel truck on the highway.

After we stopped the truck, realized what had happened and shook the glass off of everything, we realized it was best to turn around and head home rather then drive another 14 hours with a baseball sized smash in the front windshield (almost a hole, it was soft to the touch). 

Now, back home with a new windshield, we are ready to start back to our summer.  With a new trip home squeaked in.