Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sun, Sand, Heat...What More Could You Ask For?

Here in Alberta we seem to get sun, but we lack in sand and heat. Either that, or I was just born in the wrong place. I love the heat and water. Can't seem to get enough of it.

Went to British Columbia for holidays. Nice of my parents to move to a hot dry place with lakes galore...what a great place to visit!

I drove the boys out and the first activity we did was pick cherries. YUM!

I think the boys enjoyed it as much as I did.

"Mommy, I didn't eat any cherries"
btw, that is an old tattoo on his forehead

The beaches in the Okanagan are outstanding. 33 C ... 91 F. Nice and warm!

The boys got metal detectors for Christmas. Is it wrong of me to let them find this dude and follow him for 30 min?

Ryan made a friend.

Lucky mommy isn't afraid of beetles.

I love that the boys love to swim.

I have to add this photo for two reasons.
1. No one around. Undisturbed sand.
2. Look at that left foot. (gosh..I need to stop)

Then, maybe the best part, my parents were so wonderful to take the boys for a few days and we got a 'child-free' weekend. It has been two years since we have both been away from the boys overnight. HEAVEN! What did we do? Go on a wine tour of course! Self drive is so nice for finding smaller wineries. Driving around in 33 C/91 F weather with the windows open. Heaven!

Our two new favorite wineries are
Silver Sage


Desert Hills

We stayed at the most amazing B & B.

Willow Beach Bed and Breakfast



The best B&B I have stayed in. I would highly recommend it.
Hummingbirds on the breakfast deck.

Enjoying the sun and heat.

A rare photo of me.

We got to see some wonderful old friends who have bought a retirement home in the okanagan. We hope to follow in their shoes some day.

It was a wonderful getaway and now, at home, I am missing the heat and water. Someday...someday.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Did I Just See What I Think I Saw?

I was chatting with Matthew this morning and glanced down at that little foot, as I so often do. I had to do a double take. This is what I saw.

Do you see what I see? If not, here is a preview of what we used to see.

Jan 2008 pre-op

Jan 2009 one yr post-op

Jan 2010 two yrs post-op with kinesio taping

July 2010

I can't believe it. He is standing with no supination. In fact, his right foot almost looks pronated.

Don't get me wrong, I know he is still walking supinated. It isn't gone, but to see him standing straight on his own blew me away this morning.

This is cause for celebration. And endless thank yous for Dr. Dobbs and for Steve and for all others out there who have crossed our paths and brought us a step closer to our goal.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Matthew started E-stim last week. I was so excited that I think I put too many eggs in one basket. I prepped Matthew for what to expect. The electrodes were put on his leg and the machine turned on.




I had to swallow my disappointment. I was really hoping for something. Steve said not to worry yet. But it was hard not to.

Yesterday, Steve tried E-stim again. This time he placed the electrodes lower down then turned it on.

Matthew immediately said "I feel it!"


Then, for the next 15 minutes I had to work at keeping him distracted so he wouldn't pull it off. But that's ok. I can distract him. The benefits far outweigh the nuisance.

Matthew will be missing physio for the next few weeks due to everyone's holiday schedules. I look forward to more e-stim for him. Hope one day he looks forward to it too.