Friday, July 9, 2010

Did I Just See What I Think I Saw?

I was chatting with Matthew this morning and glanced down at that little foot, as I so often do. I had to do a double take. This is what I saw.

Do you see what I see? If not, here is a preview of what we used to see.

Jan 2008 pre-op

Jan 2009 one yr post-op

Jan 2010 two yrs post-op with kinesio taping

July 2010

I can't believe it. He is standing with no supination. In fact, his right foot almost looks pronated.

Don't get me wrong, I know he is still walking supinated. It isn't gone, but to see him standing straight on his own blew me away this morning.

This is cause for celebration. And endless thank yous for Dr. Dobbs and for Steve and for all others out there who have crossed our paths and brought us a step closer to our goal.


Allie said...

Matthew ROCKS! I looked at the picture and I thought his feet looked great!!! Keep up the great work Mom! :)

Jennifer said...

Looking Good Jo-Ann!

Sympathypains said...


Sue said...

Oh my goodness -- My eyes immediately zeroed in on the photo even before I read anything. It's unmistakable! I too even thought, "I don't remember his right foot rolling in so much" but I'm sure it's fine. But that left foot ... my gosh, it's like he had a transplant! :) AWESOME!!!!

Just curious ... are you always going to be dealing with the MA (I'm assuming that's what it is) in his forefoot? Did Dr. Dobbs ever address that, or have you guys been so focused on the other issues (understandably so)? Just wondering ... :)

Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

I kept thinking, what is Jo-Ann seeing now, I'm not seeing anything bad! Finally you are seeing something good and making progress with the lift and the longest time out of casts! Enjoy the success! You deserve it! Jamie BTW, have you sent that to Dobbs/Kristina, it's sooooooo beautiful! As always, Matthew is our little inspiration!

Niki said...

What an amazing feeling :)

Anonymous said...

JoAnn: Went back and showed this post to my husband, he was shocked and how great it looked! :) Jamie

Jenn M said...

How awesome!