Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Like A Fish To Water

That's how Matthew has taken to daily home E-stim. In fact, the other day, he even asked for the "tinglies". Never a fight. Ever.

I should be high-fiving, and yet I'm not. I am worried that his motivation behind this is to get rid of his AFO. That he hopes by doing this, soon, his foot will work and he can get rid of the brace.

Which, is exactly what I hope for too.

And I worry, that if it doesn't, he will stop wanting to do E-stim.

Guess all we can do is take it one day at a time.

And hope. Always hope.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Look What I Have!

Stopped in at Steve's office yesterday and am currently renting this machine. Most likely we will buy it next week, Matthew seems to be quite content to use it daily.

This was last night. Computer games are a great distraction.

Matthew even consented to using it this morning(we are off camping today after school and I am not bringing the machine). I think having him read Dr. Dobbs' email helped. This is what Dr. Dobbs sent.

I know Kristina has already answered regarding the brace questions.

I just wanted to say Matthew’s foot looks great and I’m pleased that he is getting the E-stim as think he has the potential to benefit from this modality.

Do keep in touch.

Seemed to be very meaningful to Matthew. Seems that Matthew is understanding that what we are doing could stimulate those muscles and allow for more motion then ever before.

Maybe he is as hopeful as we are.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Complete 180

Yesterday I was frustrated and confused. So I sent a message last night to Dr. Dobbs and his nurse coordinator Kristina Porter. Told them that Matthew's AFO was bothering him and where. Told them that he has been doing E-stim and that Steve felt Matthew was gaining some slight movement in his toes.

I had a response less then 12 hours later. I can not express how thankful I am to have found this amazing team. They work so hard for all their patients at all times.

They discussed things and gave me some new ideas to take to Matthew's orthotist to work with this AFO.

And the best part, Dr. Dobbs feels that daily E-stim could help and could we get a hold of some equipment for home? Maybe it is the sun shining this morning. Maybe it is the beautiful deep blue fall sky this morning. But I got goose bumps reading that. Maybe, just maybe this is another sign of things moving forward.

For so long we have been stuck in the same treatment for Matthew. Finally, we are off the loop track and walking down the road. It is going to be a long road, but today, it is a beautiful view.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Frustrated And Confused

Since school started, I have been trying to get Matthew to wear his new brace. He goes to school with it, but it is always off by recess time (2 hours later). I can see where it is bothering him. Have taken him in to our orthotist to try and have it adjusted, but the adjustments that can be made are not helping.

The new brace was made straighter and higher at the toe to try and stop the front of his foot from turning in. I completely agree with that.

Comparison of old AFO and new AFO.

But that is where the new AFO is bothering him. You can see how his foot turns right at that spot.



So, the part of his AFO that is to keep his foot from turning, is causing him to remove and not wear his AFO...which will lead to more turning of his foot. Arrrggghhhh!

Simple solution, cut the AFO down at that foot part. But, the purpose of this AFO was to try and stop that foot from turning.

Round and round we go.

I am going to send an email to Dr. Dobbs and Kristina this evening. See what their thoughts are. We don't go back to St. Louis until December.

In the meantime, he has been happily wearing his old AFO.

Oh, and another update...Ryan's eye. A real beauty in the works.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here Come The Colors

And I don't mean the fall leaves!

10 Days To School Photos

And Ryan got a shiner.

Give it a few days, let the color bloom. I see beautiful blues and purples coming.

Going to be a lovely school photo!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just In Time

Matthew's foot is healing nicely. Steve took a look and thought it was a minor sprain. Hooked him up to TENS on his foot and E-Stim on his lower leg. Told him to be nice to his foot. He is back in his old brace too. Not sure if the new brace is ever going to work, but that is another story for another day.

So Matthew's foot is feeling a lot better, just in time for winter boot shopping. Let me try to contain my excitement.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not Broken

Those were the two best words I heard this weekend.

Matthew rolled on his foot. With all the changes with shoes, he has not been wearing his brace and he rolled on his foot. Two days later he was still not putting weight on it so I took him to urgent care.

They were very concerned by the look and shape of his foot until I explained all that has gone on with that little foot. They decided to X-ray both feet to have something to compare.

Good news, there are no fractures that they could see. So most likely a soft tissue injury. He is now in a tensor and back on crutches.

Will be taking him to his regular doctor Monday to have it checked (as per urgent care doctor's advice) and will have Steve take a look on Wednesday to see if he can give us some more information.

Hoping he is off the crutches for school.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Could It Be That Easy?

After spending most of the morning yesterday scouring four different stores, I was able to find 3 pairs of shoes that were non-marking, fit Matthew's brace and could have the sole split. One pair is $68. After adding the lift price to that, they would come to $118. YIKES! The other two pairs were $10 off the clearance rack. But they were not the nicest looking shoes. But, one of the $10 pair fit with his brace AND with his foot. For those of you without AFO's, sometimes a brace will fit in the shoe, but not with the foot in the brace. Hence the three pairs. (Oh, and I hid the expensive pair only to be pulled out if absolutely needed.)

I had a conversation with Matthew's teacher who was so nice. She apologized about even having to mention this and told me (after she found out about the brace and lift) not to worry about it. I told her that having been a teacher, I understood the issue and not to worry, it would all work out.

Then, I looked at Matthew's outdoor shoes. I tried to get them to mark my kitchen floor... my poor floor...nothing. Hmmmmm. Could I just switch his indoor shoes for his outdoor shoes?

I sent them this morning with a note to his teacher to let me know if these shoes mark the floor.

Could it really be that easy? Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Did anyone hear that? That loud crash a few hours ago? That was my train...coming off the track. Just when I thought I had everything under control.

I got an email from Matthew's teacher after coming home from Matthew's physio appointment.

I hate to request this because I know they are brand new shoes, but unfortunately Matthew’s shoes are leaving black marks all over the floor and our caretaker is feeling a bit out of sorts about it. I was wondering if he has a pair of shoes with white soles at home instead that he can use at school?

Thank you


I thought I had it. I was so excited to have two pair of shoes that could have a lift put in, fit the brace, and Matthew liked. Forgot the last parameter. Marking the gym floor.


Guess I know what my day is tomorrow. Off to the shoe stores. Find a pair of shoes that fits his brace, has a sole that can be split, and is non-marking. Oh... and that the kid likes, at least some what.

Wish me luck.

Back To School

The boys went back to school last week. Things have gone really well. Better then ever before. Yay!

The pain in Ryan's face is from the sunshine, just goes to show how little of it we actually saw this summer.

Ahhhh, shade. Much better.

Back to school means all new stuff. Which always means new shoes for Matthew. Always a struggle to find a shoe that he likes AND fits the brace. AND now one that can have the sole split and a lift added. AND it adds $50 to each pair of shoes. I don't even want to add up how much money is in this photo. And I thought girl's shoes would be expensive.

That should do it for foot wear... until the snow flies. Or until his next growth spurt...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Weekend, Another Hike

It's been tough finding rain free weekends. Lucked out again on Saturday so we hiked C-Level Cirque. A little shorter then the last hike, a little higher then the last hike.

View of Lake Minnewanka.

Is that the road way down there?

What a view!

From both sides!

A little goofing off before heading back down.


Looking forward to the next hike.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am so disappointed by the horrid summer we had. Only one day of 30+ C (86 F). And, here it is Sept 1 and the temperature is dropping to near freezing at night. Awful.

One positive to this time of year...fresh mixed green salads from the backyard.