Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not Broken

Those were the two best words I heard this weekend.

Matthew rolled on his foot. With all the changes with shoes, he has not been wearing his brace and he rolled on his foot. Two days later he was still not putting weight on it so I took him to urgent care.

They were very concerned by the look and shape of his foot until I explained all that has gone on with that little foot. They decided to X-ray both feet to have something to compare.

Good news, there are no fractures that they could see. So most likely a soft tissue injury. He is now in a tensor and back on crutches.

Will be taking him to his regular doctor Monday to have it checked (as per urgent care doctor's advice) and will have Steve take a look on Wednesday to see if he can give us some more information.

Hoping he is off the crutches for school.


Jennifer said...

Oh no! Poor kid. Glad to hear nothing is broken. Hope he is back on his feet in no time!

Sara said...

Glad it isn't broken. He'll be back running in no time. :)

Jodi said...

Thank goodness it isn't broken!

Sue said...

Oh, poor kid!!! My heart momentarily stopped when reading those opening lines ... :) I always fear for that, seeing how weak Grace's right side is and wondering how/why she hasn't done any damage thus far, with her antics. She just started ballet/tap class (per doctor's advice -- ice skating was a no-go from the start! Too cold! But she did waffle on those cute little outfits ...). I often wonder how that little foot/ankle is going to hold up.

Soooo glad everything is OK! Hope he mends soon!