Thursday, July 1, 2010


Matthew started E-stim last week. I was so excited that I think I put too many eggs in one basket. I prepped Matthew for what to expect. The electrodes were put on his leg and the machine turned on.




I had to swallow my disappointment. I was really hoping for something. Steve said not to worry yet. But it was hard not to.

Yesterday, Steve tried E-stim again. This time he placed the electrodes lower down then turned it on.

Matthew immediately said "I feel it!"


Then, for the next 15 minutes I had to work at keeping him distracted so he wouldn't pull it off. But that's ok. I can distract him. The benefits far outweigh the nuisance.

Matthew will be missing physio for the next few weeks due to everyone's holiday schedules. I look forward to more e-stim for him. Hope one day he looks forward to it too.

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Jennifer said...

That's great news! How did you manage to distract him though? And did he tell you what it felt like? What a brave boy!