Tuesday, June 29, 2010

St. Louis Through The Eyes Of A 7 Year Old

So busy round here getting ready for the end of school, dealing with sick kids, and getting ready for trips. Here are the photos taken by Matthew from St. Louis last week.

First, just for fun. This was what the squirrels were doing at 6 am.

Hospital waiting room.

Walking to our room.

Our room.

Chairs in the room.

Shoes off.

Matthew's file.


Exchanging emails.

New friends.

Casting for a new brace.

The newest AFO.

Today is the last day of school. Hoping that means things will get back to a calmer pace. I need to take Matthew's AFO in to the orthotist here for adjustments. And for a discussion of a leaf spring AFO.

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Anonymous said...

It was soooooo great to actually meet you both and see another neuro CF in action! :)Next time I'm bringing a bottle of wine so we can chat about more than NCT's and medical stuff, haha! :) Jamie