Monday, June 14, 2010


Matthew had physio last week. We talked about the possibility of casting again. Matthew told Steve he didn't want a cast, didn't want to go to his friend's birthday party in a cast because they were going to play floor hockey. He doesn't want anyone to know he has a cast.

Steve told Matthew that if the doctor said he needed a cast, it was important to get it. Then he told a story of when he was in a long leg cast for 6 weeks and played floor hockey in it. Matthew looked disinterested as the story unfolded. He busied himself with his Hot Wheels cars he had brought. But I knew better. He was absorbing and processing every detail Steve shared.

You see, for what ever reason, Matthew doesn't let a lot of people in close. Sure, he is a friendly kid, popular in his class. But when it comes to sharing his thoughts and fears, to being close, there very few. And Steve is one of those lucky enough to have made it into that inner circle. What Steve says is very important to him.

So I wasn't surprised the next morning when he told me he thought he could play floor hockey at his friend's birthday in a cast.

A hero is someone who can be looked up to for their actions. I think this fits.

Thanks yet again Steve.


Jennifer said...

That's great! Matthew has some pretty special Heros.

Sara said...
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Sara said...

We all need heros. And I'm pretty sure Matthew would do great with floor hockey, cast or no cast.

Miss you by the way!