Friday, June 18, 2010

Meet Me In St. Louis

I've met Boy, that sounds bad.

Just over a year ago, I found a mom with a little boy (now 2) who has the exact same diagnosis as Matthew. Exactly the same. Clubfoot, nerve damage, leg length discrepancy. It has been a great year of sharing, comparing, asking questions, and trying to figure things out. And now, finally, we are going to meet in St. Louis. Her little boy and Matthew both have appointments with Dr. Dobbs at the same time. Not only that, but we get to fly in Sunday afternoon and visit at Haven House.

I am really excited to see her little guy for many reasons. I want to see another little one with the same issues. I wonder if he has the same gait Matthew had, the same tripping problems, the same look to his foot. He is also sporting a new type of brace that I am very interested in seeing. One that could allow for more calf muscle development.

And I am excited to meet his mom. Talk with someone who is dealing with the same issues of AFO's, shoes, bracing, p/t, etc.

So, Jamie, I am really excited to meet you! If Haven House is funny about leaving messages for each other, we will be in one of two places, crafting in the craft room, or, most likely, running around kicking balls, throwing Frisbees, shooting hoops, in the gym. Oh, or maybe outside hunting for praying mantises. Just follow the noise.

I'll update my blog when I get a chance. Still hoping for no cast, but prepared for one.


Jennifer said...

Best of Luck Jo-Ann!

Allie said...

How cool! Good luck in St Louis! My fingers are crossed that you leave cast free!

Sue said...

Did you ever meet up with Jamie? It's great to meet other moms from the clubfoot board. I had the privilege of meeting someone a few times -- she lives about a half hour from me and we've gotten together occasionally. She now sees Dr. VB too! Hope you have a wonderful visit!