Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Boys. Nuff said.

Their latest fascination while camping is fishing. The love to go through their tackle boxes, organize, reorganize, compare, and occasionally sneak a lure from Daddy's tackle box.

This is what happened Saturday morning while organizing...something went wrong I suppose. I call it Fishing - You're Doing It Wrong or Gettin' Jiggy With It.

Such a proud mommy moment.

Things did get back to normal, or as normal as boys can be after trying fishing and deciding the sand was more fun. Notice our friend's little girls so clean. My boys did not stay clean.

I didn't get a picture of Matthew. I was either laughing too hard, or was so unfazed by the filth that I never thought twice about it. Here is Ryan, much cleaner then Matthew ended up.

It was a wonderful weekend in the sun with great friends. Just what we needed on the last weekend before heading back to St. Louis and the possibility of casting again.


Jennifer said...

That's hilarious! hehe No hooks in them I am assuming. Oh my your life is never dull is it Jo-Ann. Glad you had a great trip. Best of luck on your next one.

Sue said...

I laughed at the "clean girl - dirty boys" reference. In my family, my BOY would be the spotless one, while Grace would be rolling around right in there with your little ruffians. :)

She's lured by dirt. Even today, as I was weeding my garden, she was outside with her big plastic kitchen, set up right next to her own 2-foot-square patch of dirt. Forget the cutsie plastic food she has in her bedroom ... No, every pie plate and bowl and pot was filled with mud.

Not sure if she'd stick a lure up her nose, though. :)