Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"I Am Not Going"

We leave for St. Louis in 11 days. I've been trying to prep Matthew for the possibility of a cast. In the past, he has been very easy going about this.

I don't believe in hiding things from kids. I told him that if he gets a cast, he will miss the last week of baseball, and that he will be in a cast for the birthday party of a friend. (the birthday party is at a gym where they will be playing hockey and soccer)

Matthew hid his face and wept quietly.

"then I am not going to St. Louis"

This time, maybe it is too much.
This time, maybe he is missing too many things.
This time, he is very sad.

Makes me a little sad too. I sometimes forget how much he has been through. What a brave face he puts on for the world. That he is only 7 yrs old.

I have 11 days to get him used to the idea.

And maybe, just maybe, this time...there will be no cast. It is my secret hope that I can't share with him.


Jennifer said...

Maybe if we all quietly hope, it will be a special gift waiting for you in St. Louis. Poor Matthew. I am crossing my fingers for you!

Allie said...

I'm hoping! Fingers crossed for no cast!

Anonymous said...

Fingers and toes crossed for Matthew. Such a brave boy. - Christine

Jodi Patterson said...

Poor little guy, he is such a brave boy. I too will keep my fingers and toes crossed that he won't need a cast this time.