Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Shoes

I took Matthew's new running shoes into our new shoe guy. I think he did a great job. Not only is it light weight (I can barely tell a weight difference) but it is harder to see AND it doesn't mark the gym floor because the original bottom is still there.

I was thrilled when I picked it up yesterday...Matthew hated it.

Just a reminder of what the old heavy lift glued onto the bottom looked like

And the new shoe with the sole split, lift inserted and original sole put back on.

Yes, you can tell there is a difference.

But then how could you not. I mean, there is a half inch difference. But from a distance, with a quick glance, I think it is hard to see. And, I'll get better at picking out shoes that will work. You see, I didn't notice the other side had an orange part that ended up being split.

But I am learning. Next pair will be even better.

And, this morning, Matthew didn't even say one word about them as he put them on to go to school.


Allie said...

That is AMAZING!!!

Jennifer said...

They look great Jo-Ann!

Anonymous said...

So I should be happy that Levi is only 2 and wears whatever I put on him, huh? :) Jamie By the way, I think they look awesome and you only know to look for it if you know the situation!!!

Sara said...

They are great shoes Jo-Ann. I can hardly see the difference. xx