Thursday, August 19, 2010

In The Yard

Sharing a few pictures from around the yard and garden.

My first cauliflower crop.

The weather has been very cool here so everything is late, but still growing.


Green pepper trying hard to grow

Green leaf lettuce

red leaf lettuce

head lettuce


Ivy Geraniums

Can never remember the name of these flowers

My clematis grows like a weed. I just love it.


Amber said...

Oh, WOW! Good work!

That all looks so delicious and so beautiful. I'm so impressed!

Jennifer said...

Looks wonderful Jo-Ann!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! Looks like we've had polar opposites when it comes to this summer's weather. :) Your clematis made me turn green with envy, since my beautiful little newbie somehow bit the dust early in the season. Still mourning that one! :) Nice job with the lettuce ... that's one impressive crop!

Anonymous said...

OOps -- sorry. This is Sue here, and I hit return on the previous "Anonymous" post without signing on. :) Sorry!