Thursday, June 28, 2012

Allard USA

Where will this little foot take him? 

 I remember when I named this blog.  I thought it was appropriate.  I had no idea just how appropriate.

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a woman at Allard USA who pointed out a blog by an inspirational woman by the name of Beth Deloria who suffered drop foot after scary back surgery.  The people at Allard were able to custom make her a ToeOFF brace which allowed her to get back to running marathons! 

So I emailed the woman at Allard thanking her and asking if Allard could do anything for Matthew.

Thank you so much for directing me to Beth Deloria's blog.  I am inspired by her dedication.  I am also very interested in her toe off brace. 

My son Matthew has a very unique combitation of foot problems.  His current specialist is Dr. Dobbs in St. Louis, MO even though we reside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Of the kids that Dr. Dobbs sees, there are only a few that have drop foot in combination with clubfoot.  Of those, I only know of one who is using a Kiddie Gait toe off brace and he is only 4 yrs old.  We looked into a toe off brace, but were concerned with his ankle pushing out (supination) and pushing into a toe off brace.  That said, his foot seems to be stablizing and has not shown signs of supination in over a year.

Are there any Canadian companies, in particular Albertan companies willing to take on making a toe off brace for Matthew?  We are always looking for something better for him.  Something that would allow for calf development, and less restrictions as his tendon transfer strengthens and allows for more motion.

Again, thankyou for contacting me.  It never ceases to amaze me how Matthew's little foot touches people from around the world.

 You never know right?  Well, a few days later, this was the response I got from her.

Hi Jo-Ann,

I just want to let you know we are checking into this for you and I will get back to you as soon as I have more information!

Awesome right!

Then, I asked Beth Deloria if I could get some photos of her brace.  Just to get a look up close.  This was her response.

Hi Jo-Ann. Yes, I will take some photos and post for you tomorrow. I'm not sure how supinated your son's foot is but I do know there are corrective measures (custom inserts and even custom-ToeOFF's) that can be made in many cases. I am not the expert to speak with, just an expert in my own experience with many different braces. :-) I know first hand how painful blisters and hotspots are with AFOs and I can't imagine my life without the ToeOFF now. I truly hope the Allard experts can find a solution for you! I was told that Allard HQ is looking into it also so hopefully you'll get the answers soon. In the meantime, other than posting the brace photos, please feel free to use my email  and let me know what else I may be able to help with. Fingers crossed for you and your son! -Beth 

How cool is that?   Seriously!

So again, I ask myself, where will this little foot take him?  The possibilities are endless!

We are headed out of town for a few days, but I will update when I can!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jo-Ann. I'll be curious to see what they say. When our orthotist recommended it I thought there was no way that it would control Levi's foot at the ankle, especially from supinating. But I have to say, he's been in one for 18 months now! And they are so light weight and fit in shoes much better and they come with a cool cover, which we just got for Levi. Fun and cute designs. They tried a custom insert for Levi but it kept making his foot/leg do wierd things, so they just went back to the basics and all he has glued on his is the sole insert from his shoe. Let me know what you find out. We are headed to STL in a month. Jamie

Anonymous said...

This Little Foot will take him far. I wish Matthew my very best. We share too much in common. Best wishes from Kent T.

TheCzarsOf45 said...

Met Beth Deloria at a benefit for uninsured people who can't afford braces or those who can't afford the co-pay. The event is called the Tennessee Toe Off Trot. Beth is superb in person as she is online and helpful as can be. She was one of the people who helped me make this decision with my own bilateral neuromuscular clubfeet. I am Kent Teffeteller who posts on Get Back Up. I wish Matthew continued success and health. And hope Allard's folks can help him.

Thoms Brolin said...

I hope you write again very soon!