Sunday, October 3, 2010

Open Mouth...Insert Foot

I really did not mean to insult anyone who likes pink or has tattoos with my last post. Seems I may have put my foot in my mouth yet again. Not my intent.

What I was getting at was that Steve seems to have become a huge influence in Matthew's life. Not sure if Steve even realizes it. Thankfully he is a great person. Someone worthy of being looked up too.

As for tattoo's, those who know me know that I have waffled, and I do mean waffled, on the subject for years. In fact, my recent mid-life crisis (more on this topic to come for sure) has caused me to rethink the tattoo again. I am again considering one....right now my good friend Jenn is rolling her eyes at me and saying 'yeah right'...but really Jenn this time, I mean it! Maybe.... lol

Anyways, just wanted to clear up that fact. I don't hate tattoo's...but personally not a huge fan of pink...although I seem to own a few pink shirts.


Jennifer said...

Say the word, and I will be there.I might be in the mood for a little more ink myself!
Riley is a fan of pink. He has a pink shirt that he like to wear often.

Jennifer said...

Oh, and I don't think what you said should insult anyone. And boo on anyone who took it that way. :o)

Sara said...

Don't worry about it Jo-Ann... you didn't say anything wrong at all. :)

Jodi Patterson said...

Well I love pink and tattoos and I wasn't insulted at all!

hmmm....maybe I should get a pink tattoo!!

Angela said...

No offense taken at all!!!! Just letting you know of another pink fan out there... and he is also already (4 years old) telling me he will be getting tattoo's too lol. As for ink... Go For It!!! I waited 13 years to get my second piece, and am kicking myself for waiting! I can't wait to get more done.