Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sick - Again

Matthew is sick. Again.

Back in October, Matthew started coughing. Tried all the things we usually do for a cough. Finally took him in before our trip, worried it would get worse while away. Everything seemed great, just a pesky cough and nasal congestion.

In November, he was still coughing after we returned. Took him in again. Was told to up his flovent and Ventolin. Didn't work.

In December, took him in again. He was tested for strep, told that maybe a nasal spray would help by clearing is nasal congestion, hence the cough. Tried Hydrasense. Didn't work.

Took him back to the doctor a few weeks ago. This time, tried 2 weeks of antibiotics and a steroid nasal spray. Finally, the cough cleared. The congestion did not.

And yesterday, he said his tongue was sore. I took a look. His tonsils are swollen.

Back to the doctor we go. I'm at a loss as to why he is so sick these past few months.


Allie said...

Urgh! I hate that, we went through that with Riley and her ears last year and finally put the tubes in. She got Bronchilitis a few weeks ago and I took her to the Dr twice and two different doctors told me that the cough could last for up to a month! She sounds like a 90 year old man who has smoked his whole life. Now she has an ear infection, which she always gets after bad colds, I was hoping the tubes would help us avoid it! I hope Matthew is feeling better!

Hannah Hammonds said...

I second Allie! We got tubes just before Christmas for Marshall and Eleanor. Since then Marshall has had two ear infections and he has had a constant cough/congestion since October! Doctor says its "normal" for some kids, but I am ready for it to leave! Hope Matthew feels better soon!! Being sick is no fun.

Anonymous said...

My daugther, Luci, had a cough that lasted for about a month, nasty and losse at first, then more of a dry cough...but still very deep and sounded not so good. Finally took her in after OTC meds and humidifier seemed not to be helping and she had walking pneumonia...but a round of Zithromax cleared it up. Do you think it could be that??? Jamie