Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

It's off to the orthotist I go...again.

When we were in St. Louis last month, they decided to add a toe strap to try and stop Matthew's toes from drifting over. Simple concept, should work.

Problem is, the strap keeps slipping to this position.

Then his toe peaks out and the strap is useless. Went to the orthotist last week to try to add some velcro to see if we could hold the toe strap in better position, as well as adding more padding to stop his ankle from getting blisters.

Didn't work.

Back to the orthotist I go. This is what we are trying now.

Hoping this does the trick.


Hannah Hammonds said...

Good luck! We are going to St. Louis on Monday for our check-up.

Jennifer said...

Hope it works!! We really need to get together Jo-Ann!! Miss you like crazy.

Anonymous said...

Hope it works, we are thinking Levi needs a toe strap as well (imagine that...same paths we take), but his brace isn't the same material so we can't make it work...as of yet. Hope all is well and that Disney was fun. Happy New Year! :) Jamie

Jenn M said...

Hopefully it works!