Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back To That Foot

Again, not posting. So much going on. If I find some time, I will share.

Back to that foot. Matthew's next appointment in St. Louis with Dr. Dobbs is Monday. Four days from now. I am now convinced he will be in a cast. So much so that I have cancelled our plans for that week.

See, I was supposed to go to my 25th high school reunion. read that right ...25th. But if Matthew is in a hip to toe cast, I can't ask him to ride in the back of a vehicle for 6+ hours. Only to arrive in a place where he can't do any water activities, quading, or anything that doesn't include sitting.

Yes, it is true that I haven't seen some of these people for 25 years. Yes, it is true that I was actually looking forward to catching up. Seeing some of these people, hearing about their adventures. Seeing pictures of their kids.

But that's ok. In the long run, Matthew is what matters. We waited 11 weeks for this appointment. And it is needed. He is on the outside of that foot so bad now that even his teacher today noticed. Not good.

Matthew had physio yesterday. First Steve told me that he could not believe how hard he pushed on his foot. As hard as he does on an adult... and Matthew NEVER complains. In fact, he said that some times he thinks to himself, 'I shouldn't do this, he's only 8'. Wow. Then he told me that I may have something there about that 'callous'. He said that I may be right that there is more to that callous then meets the eye. He was happy to hear that I emailed Kristina and that Matthew will be X-rayed for leg length AND his heal. He also agreed with me that a cast is most likely needed.


Did I actually hear that right? Did my always positive 'I don't think he needs a cast' Steve say that? Yes. Bless his heart, when he found out I was cancelling my 25th reunion, he told me to tell Dr Dobbs that he would be willing to tape again, and to teach me to tape.

Wonderful idea. But not the answer. He needs a cast. And even Steve knows that this time.

Matthew knows this too. I have to tell him my suspicions. He is ok with it. Kind of.

Enough negative. Here is today's positive.

I was at the school today volunteering. They had an old fashioned sports day at school. Great fun! Matthew's teacher knows of his upcoming trip because he is going to miss the last two days of school. She told me that both her and the phys ed teacher are both in awe of him. That despite his foot problems, he is one of the fastest runners, strongest athletes, never give up kind of kids they have ever seen.

Yes. That is Matthew.Go hard in everything. Always.

Love that.


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He just lives his life despite his foot problems. He keeps going. We could all learn a little something from him. Hugs to you.