Tuesday, June 28, 2011

He's Got Rider Pride

We are back from St. Louis. These 36 hour visits are tough on us both.

So some answers. First, yes. He is again in a cast. This time, green and black (there is no white) for his favorite CFL team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders. As you can see, he is a very proud Rider fan.

It is a full leg cast. The last time we did a half leg cast and honestly, everyone involved from myself to Dr Dobbs to Steve who we saw today, feels it was of no benefit. Sadly, it will be the last half leg cast.

Now for the answers.

The callous that has been developing on his heel is purely skin. YAY!!! Did you hear me scream YAY at about 8 am yesterday? It was that much of a relief.
This is what the callous looks like. You can see by the shape why I thought that it could be bone being laid down.

And his leg length discrepancy seems to be holding steady for two years now. Again, another big YAY!!!

We had to wait a long time to see Dr. Dobbs. The man has become increasingly busy. We don't mind waiting, honestly. We travel a long way to see him, and he knows what he speaks of and he knows how to deal with this. We waited for about 4 hours for him. And this time we did NOT leave the room! Last time, we made the mistake of going to the bathroom and getting a coffee and missed him! Had to wait again!

So this time, we waited. And when he did get to us, he apologized, and Kristina apologized and everyone else apologized. What a breath of fresh air. They didn't need to apologize. We know how busy he is. We know how fortunate we are to be able to see him. We know how amazing that whole team is. And how humble they are. What a wonderful group to work with. And how wonderful for them to recognize us in our wait. So many times you see a doctor and you feel like a number. NEVER with Dr. Dobbs and his team.

And the update.

His foot is tight, but that is just what is going to happen when he grows. And if you remember, he just grew out of all his shoes in March. So we are definitely dealing with yet another growth spurt.

Dr. Dobbs is pleased with Matthew's lateral motion. If you didn't see it before, in April we saw this which I was thrilled with. And it has gotten even better. Will have to video tape when the cast is off. Amazing when a year ago it was barely a flicker.

He said with this getting stronger, that one day it would take over and work with us, keeping his foot in place.

Wow. It is like seeing that light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how small or dull. There it is. Finally.

I asked about physio. Dr. Dobbs wants him back at weekly physio. We had dropped it to every two weeks. Will step it up again. Dr. Dobbs also said, "If I remember correctly, his p/t willing to tape?" Yes. (In fact Steve had said that he would tape rather then cast so I could go to my reunion) Dr. Dobbs would like Matthew's foot to be taped after every physio appointment and leave it on for a few days. Just to get that extra stretch. Will do.

And to keep up with the E-stim. Yes, most definitely. Dr. Dobbs asked what Matthew had it turned on to at home. I said '3', almost cringing, expecting him to say that wasn't enough. But never from him. He said that was fine. In fact, I told Dr. Dobbs that Steve was talking about using a stronger E-stim machine while at physio. I said that Steve told me that he pushes on Matthew like he does an adult and that Matthew never complains. He smiled and nodded. Like he knows, because I think he just does know.

And just before he was casted, I shared with the team a poem Matthew had written in school. They wrote many poems, subjects always up to them.

This was the frame work for Matthew's Cinquain.

Cinquain Pattern #2

Line1: A noun

Line2: Two adjectives

Line 3: Three -ing words

Line 4: A phrase

Line 5: Another word for the noun.

And this was his poem.

St. Louis
helpful, kind
helping, casting, caring
helping people when they have a broken leg

All of the people seemed touched. But Dr. Dobbs especially. I said that St, Louis and casting was a big part of his life. Dr. Dobbs said 'Definitely.'

Yes. Definitely. That city, those casts, and more importantly, those people involved have become a huge part of that little 8 year old's life. Slowly, slowly, bit by bit (sorry, can't help but quote the Digging-ist Dog) we are assembling an amazing team for Matthew.

One day, we will emerge from this tunnel. I know it now. I can see the light.


Sara said...

That's a super cool cast. Go Riders.

I'm glad he sees St. Louis as a good place, according to that poem. There is definitely a light there Jo-Ann. Never lose sight of it.

Love to you guys. xx

Allie said...

I'm glad it was such a positive appointment! Aren't those the best when there is that little glimmer of hope that you are on the right path. And Matthew's poem made me cry! But that could be the pregnancy hormones! :). What a sweet poem!

Allie said...

Oh and so far you and Riley are the only ones convinced the baby is a girl! :)

Jennifer said...

So happy for you!! Glad there was positive news.