Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello Little Blog

Hello Little Blog,

I have missed you.  You have never been far from my thoughts.  So many times I have thought of coming here, writing, but circumstances have kept me away.  I hope you can forgive me.  Understand that I have gone through some difficult times.  Have grown, shrunk and as always, grown again.

I see that you are still having visitors from all over.  Every day.  I am as always, amazed at your popularity.  Part of the reason I feel the need to come back, to update, to keep others up on what we do.  All in the hopes that out there, somewhere, are Matthew and I, 9 years previous.  Struggling to find out what to do next.  Desperate to find someone who has the same.  Hoping for good news.  Looking for guidance.

I hope that this time, I am able to keep coming, keep updating, keep the good news coming.

So onward, as always, we go.

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