Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Really Good Update

Onto an update.  A Really good update.  Which, after almost a year since the last time seeing Dr. Dobbs, is really remarkable.
The following is the email I sent to Dr.  Dobbs and Kristina Porter.
Hi Dr. Dobbs and Kristina Porter,
It has been quite awhile since Matthew has been in to see you.  I believe his last appointment was June 29, 2011.  Right now, his foot is looking really good and was not sure when I should bring him down again.  Although I love to come down and see everyone and hear that his foot is great, it is a long expensive trip to find out all is well.  If it is possible, I would love to send photos and video and have you let me know if you think there is a problem and if he needs to come in.
Anyways, here is what he is doing right now.
The shoes that he wears the majority of the time have a lift in the left shoe.
He wears his AFO at school Monday to Friday, but doesn't wear it all the time on the weekends.  We do E-stim at home a few times a week as well as I try to stretch him at home.
He does physio once a week, where he gets their stronger E-stim machine, stretching and kinesio taping that I leave on for about 3 days.
We are working on getting him to walk heel toe rather then toe heel (out of his AFO).  It comes out as a flat foot hitting the ground rather then a true heel strike.
He can lift his foot to neutral, and I can stretch it to maybe 5 degrees above.  I think his physiotherapist can get it higher.  I can check with him for you.
He is still getting more lateral motion.
I am noticing the front of his foot is turning in a bit, but his talus is still in proper position.
I am sending along photos and a few links to video of him moving his foot and walking if that can help with your assessment.  If you need more angles (or better ones) please let me know.

Lifting his foot as high as he can
Lifting and then turning his foot. 
Walking (front view) trying to walk heel toe.
Walking (side view)
Let me know what you think of his foot as well as when you think he needs to come back.
I received great news after that email.   Dr. Dobbs was impressed by his foot and feels that he doesn't need to go back this June.  In fact, he said this
I think Matthew looks great; you can hold off in coming back at this time.  Following with video is very useful.  He has made good progress.  How does he tolerate the e-stim at this time?  Has he had an MRI of both legs done at some point?

We can post-pone follow-up for another year.  Just keep me posted as to his progress.

All the best,

Matthew Dobbs, MD

Another YEAR?!?!  To me, those are words I thought I would NEVER hear!  

Now the doubting Thomas in me says that we can hold off for now, but will most likely be back in the fall.  But for now, those have been the best words I have heard about his foot in... well.... forever.   I let Matthew read the email and he did a jump and shout "yay".  Even he realizes how great that news is.
 So for now, we are on the high of good news.  And on to baseball season.  Matthew just may pitch this year.   More on that later.  For now, we need to savior and celebrate.


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Wow, congratulations on the great news about the 'little foot'! I have been checking in on your blog now and then and it's great to read such a positive update! He looks so grown up compared to earlier!!!! Best wishes on continued greatness with the foot :)!!!

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