Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Day Off School...

Tomorrow the boys are off school for parent teacher interviews. But instead of having a pj playing games watching tv day, we are heading off to Matthew's old p/t across town. We only get this opportunity every month or so and we take it when we can.

Not sure what to think heading into this appointment. Last night, while I was stretching his foot, it seemed, good. And, I really really like the relationship that is developing with Matthew's new p/t, Steve.

But am I fooling myself? Am I falling for the magic that this new relationship brings? Matthew actually looks forward to p/t now where he used to hate it. The drive is 5 minutes rather then 45+ minutes. It is all around easier and more fun.

But is that what is important?

Or is it what is important? Maybe I have been stressing too much on keeping his foot stretched perfectly, getting every last degree of dorsiflexion as possible. Stressing over even the tiniest loss. Worried we are headed for more casting, long terms stays in St Louis, even surgery.

Maybe Steve's laid back nature is more in tune with Dr Dobb's. Less stress over it. Cast here and there when needed. Fix the problem slowly, rather then all at once.

After all, it was after seeing his old p/t all summer that his foot had tightened enough to need recasting in October.

Will update after his appointment tomorrow.


Sara said...

I hope your trip across town goes well. HUGS

Jennifer said...

Hope all goes well!

Jesslikesstuff said...

It sounds like the relationship with the p/t is the most important thing, right? I mean, if he's looking forward to appointments with one p/t and dreading the other, I guess I'd be inclined to go with the 'child's intuition'...good luck with the appointment and let us know what you decide as far as which p/t is the right one (or do you plan to go to both of them indefinitely??)!

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