Thursday, December 10, 2009


Just to let everyone know, the boys are doing much better. They are coughing, but with asthmatics, seems no matter what illness they get, a cough is guaranteed. Ryan has almost lost his voice but doesn't stop him from his constant chatter.

Both boys went back to school yesterday afternoon. They were running around here in the morning, playing tag, throwing balls, being crazy. If they are well enough to do that, they are well enough for school. Besides, if I waited until they had no cough, they would never go to school.

Yesterday was physio with Steve as well. I gave Matthew the choice of going to physio or heading home afterschool. I was shocked. He chose to go to physio. That speaks volumes to the relationship that Steve has made with Matthew.

This is no longer a client-professional relationship. It has stepped over into something else. Something more wonderful. Something more therapeutic. A big brother of sorts. One who has gone through so much of the same. One who can give advice in a way I can't. He's walked the road (shoes and bar included) and come out the other end with some invaluable information. And he wants to pass it on to Matthew. And Matthew listens to what ever he says. After all, Steve is much cooler then mommy. Steve has a faux hawk.


Sue said...

ha ha ha ... faux hawk! How cool is that?! Really, what an amazing gift this is -- I am SO glad this relationship is working out, in more ways than you ever imagined.

Jodi Patterson said...

You could always get a faux hawk Joanne! Then you will be cool too.

Jesslikesstuff said...

Hahaha! That's so awesome! This Steve guy sounds like a wonderful doctor for Matthew. What kid has EVER chosen the doctor over going home?! WOW! :) So happy to hear things are going well. Yay!

Jane, Mike and Isaac Hall said...

Hi Jo-Ann,
yeah my guy has club feet, he seems to be doing pretty good. You are right , those are the Mitchell boots. and he did have the tenotomy.
We are pleased with the mitchell boots are they are quite easy to put on, as they open up on the front
He's made good progress to date.
Here's a pic of him the day he got his first cast.

Feel free to add me to your blog list. And thanks so much for contacting me.

Keep checking back for progress!