Friday, February 5, 2010

Answering Some Questions

Been so busy the past few weeks trying to get everything ready for our trip to St. Louis, valentine's day, skating lessons, and the new taping regime that I haven't had much time to answer some of the questions in my blog or that are emailed to me. For lack of time, I hope it's ok to answer them all here.

I have a rather lengthy list of clubfoot blogs (the foot blogs) that are a great resource to some one new to the clubfoot world, but there is one blog on there Dreams and Journeys by Sue who has a little girl who has gone through an aggressive relapse and also has done kinesio taping. She has become a wealth of knowledge in that area for me. She is great at asking questions that I seem to have forgotten to ask. Either that or I have seen it for so long it seems normal to me and needs to be asked again. So, first, thanks Sue!

Some of your questions are tough to answer, but they need to be answered. I will be asking Dr. Dobbs.

Jamie is the other mom who has been a wealth of knowledge. She is not blogging but comments here on a regular basis. We also email a lot. She has a little boy who is two (did he turn two yet Jamie?) who was born with a neuromuscular clubfoot. The only other mom that I have ever chatted with who has a child with the exact same issue. And to top it off, she has an extensive knowledge of occupational and physical therapy. She also has questions for me that again, not sure if I can answer them, but will do the best I can. Thanks for all the info Jamie!

So here are some of the questions.

I hate to say it, but I do see that curve starting up again. Mild (compared to his earlier pictures -- gosh, I keep forgetting about that!) but not as straight as when he came out of the cast. What's doing that?

Good question. I have assumed it is the nerve damage and now the leg length difference as well. But I will be asking Dobbs this specifically to see if we are missing something.

Is this Kinesio tape or something else?

It is something called Elastoplast tape. Stronger then kinesio tape. Jamie commented on this yesterday. Kinesio tape is good for muscles, but this tape works for joints.

As for the MA, we will have to have that conversation too. Maybe taping can help that as well.

Can I send a fax from US to Canada?

Yes! Just need a 1 in front of the fax number. I want to compare NCT tests but the copy I got is really tough to read. I can read the summary but the individual numbers are tough to see. I am going to ask for a photocopy from Kristina when we get there. Then we can compare them and see if we can find some similarities.

How long was Matthew's tape on?

We are leaving it on for 2-3 days then changing it. We started this process ten days ago. By the time we see Dr Dobbs, it will have been on one day shy of two weeks.

Interesting, you said that casting "fixes" the MA. But is that really true? Or is it a temporary fix? This is my dilemma right now -- the casting had worked for a while but, like Matthew, we saw the curve come back after several months. Does casting just hold it for a while?

You got me there Sue. Yes, it seems to be a temporary fix. Need to figure out how to make it a permanent fix...

There is a possibility that people can be allergic to the adhesive

I suppose that could be the reason for the irritated skin, but I think I think if there was an allergy, it would be itchy while wearing it. It is fine on, the only problem is removal. I bought a product yesterday called Remove that is supposed to be a de adhesive. Will try it out today to see if it helps.

And perhaps do some sort of taping post cast to help maintain correction? Putting that strong tape right back on is just too much stress for the skin perhaps

Yes. I am beginning to wonder if we can do something like this. Maybe cast him now. Then, for a few days a month (or something along that lines) tape him to keep position. Almost like casting him occasionally, only this casting he can wear shoes, bathe, and move around like a normal kid. Maybe that would keep his foot in proper position for a longer period of time.

I'm not suggesting surgery for you again, but if Dobbs could possibly fix something surgically to avoid casts, casts, and more casts...just a thought, what do you think?

I was wondering about this. Last year, when Dr Dobbs first saw Matthew's foot, he suggested that if castings didn't work, he could do more surgery. I am assuming (will need to ask for clarification) that he would then do an ATTT seeing he had the PTTT already. I really don't want to do it, but it may end up being a possibility. I am so thankful that Dr Dobbs is a cast first, surgery only if needed kinda guy. I know that if he wants to do more surgery, it is because all other possibilities are exhausted.

I hope I got all of the questions. Please ask away if you have more. I'll do my best to answer them.

We fly out first thing Sunday morning. Have to be at the airport by 6 am. We arrive in St. Louis at 3:30 pm local time so should be at Haven House by 4:30 pm. Will try to update after our appointment Monday. I am still not packed, my house is not clean, but the kid's have skates for their skating lessons that start on the 18th and all their valentine's are done. Oh, and Jamie, we are trying skating brace free. Just using the skate boot for support. If that works, we may try skiing brace free too...


Sue said...

Phew!! Now THAT was something! :) First, I am SOOO glad that you have found some measure of help/support through my blog and my own ramblings. :) That really means a lot to me!

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions, although I must confess I feel some measure of guilt taking up your time! :) But we're all in this together, in one way or another, and despite the differences there are also quite a few similarities. The MA is what's on my radar, and I am interested in what Dr. Dobbs has to say. If taping could "fix" MA ... well, that would be cool! :)

Thanks again ... and you'll be in our thoughts and prayers this weekend!

Allie said...

Very interesting stuff! Have a safe trip to St Louis. By the way I am allergic to the adhessive on bandages. My skin breaks out just like you described. I thought it could be the latex but the latex free bandages cause the same reaction so I'm pretty sure it's the adhesive. Good luck this week!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a whole new area to consider. I hope that St.Louis proves useful. Take care.

Jennifer said...

Have a safe and positive trip Jo-Ann! Looking forward to hearing how thins are going. When are you back?