Friday, February 26, 2010


In this world, some people have the gift to dig deep down into their soul and make things happen. We all saw it this week with Joannie Rochette making the decision to compete despite the sudden devastating loss of her mother days before the biggest competition of her life. That kind of stress would make most of us crumble. Yet, she was able to dig deep down and find the strength and determination not just to skate, but to compete with the world's best and bring home a medal.

That was on my mind when I watched the boys at their second skating lesson.

Steve was not able to tape Matthew's foot before skating. The skin on his foot was so degraded it could not handle tape. The skin on almost half of the bottom of his foot has peeled off leaving a dry, scaly mess. The top and sides of his foot are so dry that the skin has cracked and is bleeding in places. The result of casting, taping, and dry chinook weather here in Alberta. It is slowly recovering, but his foot won't see tape again until next week.

So, he skated with out tape, without his brace. Here is a one second clip of what his foot looked like completely unsupported in a skate.

I know. A lot of kids learning to skate will have weak ankles and will turn in or out on them. But this is different. It is more prominent, it is one foot only, and it makes him fall...a lot.

Here, they were to scrape off a star the teacher drew on the ice. Ryan (blue with orange stripe) had no problem. Matthew struggled with that left foot.

Ryan said to me at bedtime last night "Mommy, I love skating and I am a better skater then Matthew!" I told him that yes, right now he is doing better, but Matthew's foot makes it hard for him.

Right now, Ryan is skating circles around Matthew.

But Matthew knows how to dig. As I overheard the mother beside me say while watching the skaters "Wow! did you see the determination on that little boy's face?"

And determined he is. You see, for me, if I was struggling that much to skate, spent half the lesson on my butt, the other half almost falling down, I think I would throw in the towel. But not Matthew. Somewhere in that little boy is a huge spirit ready to soar.

Yes Ryan. Right now you are a better skater then Matthew. But keep looking over your shoulder. Matthew knows what he wants and he can dig deep for it.


Anonymous said...

That made me cry. Yay to you for getting your boys out on the ice!

Jennifer said...

He has an Olympian heart & determination! Watch out world!

Allie said...

You totally made me teary eyed! Yay for his determination and your support!

Anonymous said...

:) I'm teary eyed too and oh so proud of Matthew and he's not even my child, but you already know he is one of my rodels for Levi. :) Jamie

"The Leengrams" said...

Good for you Mathew! You may never know how much you have inspired and influenced us. We hope that our little Michael follows in your footsteps!!!!!

Sue said...

Looks like dry eyes are not on the menu! :) What awesome determination ... and what an awesome spirit that little guy has. Thanks for sharing these clips!