Monday, March 1, 2010

Eyes Up Mom

Most days, my eyes are downcast at that little foot. Watching, processing, analyzing.

But some days, I need to take a break from that. This video shows exactly what I mean.

The boys wanted to go to the neighborhood rink Friday to skate. Their third time on skates, first time in an outdoor rink. At first, you can see how terribly turned his little foot is. How he struggles. Then, for a few seconds, you only see him from the waist up. All of a sudden, everything is just right.

Eyes up Mom, even if it is just for a moment. Eyes up and enjoy.


neaseyl2 said...

Wow!! He really books it along:) That makes me smile really big. *Tears in my eyes* What a strong little man you have there:) I agree eyes up and enjoy...needs to be done. I need to do that more often with Kolter.

Allie said...

Look at how great he is doing! Keep your eyes and your chin up mom, you are doing great also!!!

Sue said...

This one really hit home ... We just came back from Philadelphia and thankfully received a good report. I just hope that now I can let go of my worry a bit and start looking up myself. :)

Sympathypains said...

My 9yo broke his front tooth trying to ice skate a couple months back...I wish he could skate as well as your little guy.

Jesslikesstuff said...

Nice post. Always important to remember to see the good. And I have to say, he skates better than I do... :)