Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Exciting Find!

I was checking out a yahoo group for clubfeet today when I found a post by a mom about shoes for AFO's. I have seen this site before

Hatchbacks Footwear

And was not thrilled. The shoes don't look like normal shoes for an older child.

So when I saw this site

Keeping Pace

I took a cautious look.

What I found thrilled me! Normal looking shoes! That are specially made so it is easier to put on without destroying the back of the shoe. And specially made to allow for a child who only wears one AFO. AND the best part... specially made to HIDE a shoe lift. That's right, they hide the lift between the shoe and the sole. Brilliant. Obviously designed by a frustrated mom like me. I took a peak at the designer stories.

I had tears in my eyes when I read this

I have come to dread picking up our new personally designed and meticulously crafted AFOs, because it would be followed by endless hours of shopping and searching for a pair of shoes.

I can truly relate.

I called the company immediately and found out they do have a distributor here in Canada but I need to order through an orthotist. That shouldn't be a problem. And they are pricey. Not sure how much, will have to look into it. But, sometimes, cost is worth it.

Now off to spread the word to a few moms I know who have little ones with leg length discrepancies and Jamie with a 2 yr old with the same condition as Matthew. I bet they will be as excited as I am!


Sympathypains said...

That is Great! Thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

I read this post too, and I'm SOOO glad this was helpful to you guys! Very cool... In some very small way, we went through a bit of this too. When Grace had to wear an orthotic in her shoe (to try to "combat" the MA and keep her foot straight) for a couple of months (thankfully, it never worked and we ditched the plan), I couldn't figure out what kind of shoes she should/could wear. It was a nightmare ... and that was just a dinky little insert, not a big AFO! What a great find ... hope it all works out well!

Dana Goldstein said...

Good news Jo-Ann!

Niki said...

i dropped by to say thank you for sending me this link! now i just need them to send me two different size shoes for the price of one pair... arg! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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