Friday, March 26, 2010

Progress in Six Weeks

Six weeks was all it took for the boys to go from beginner skaters to this.



Yes. Matthew still skates mainly on his right foot. Yes, he still has a weak ankle. No, he will never be a great skater. But that is ok. He loves it, and tries hard. And he has made great progress. At one point, I was worried Ryan would pass the class and Matthew would not. Turns out, their report cards are identical, except for Matthew's extra comment of "Slow down if you need to." Nope, he doesn't need to or want to...ever.

Back a few weeks ago I blogged about Matthew being able to Dig. And I said

"Yes Ryan. Right now you are a better skater then Matthew. But keep looking over your shoulder. Matthew knows what he wants and he can dig deep for it."

Well Ryan, you no longer have to look over your shoulder to find him...

I leave you with one last skating video, because it makes all of us laugh when we watch it. (No children were hurt in the making of this video.)

So, what do you do when skating is over? Learn dangerous tricks on your bike of course. (Ryan was hurt in the making of this video...he scraped his knee)

Ryan still needs some practice.

Matthew needs to stop practicing, Mommy is getting gray hairs.


Jesslikesstuff said...

Awesome! They're getting so big. and look at how athletic they are!! Soooo cute!!! :)

Sympathypains said...


Laura said...

That skating is WONDERFUL, so amazing! The biking would make me have more gray hair too :0)