Monday, February 8, 2010


Blue with a green stripe. That is the color of Matthew's latest cast. I shouldn't be shocked...I knew in my heart this was coming. Even brought the crutches just in case. But I still feel bad. Like maybe I could have done something to stop this. Matthew has taken it all is stride.

Dr. Dobbs was in surgery when we got there so Matthew was seen by his nurse practioner as well as Kristina. Both took one look at him walking and decided a cast was needed.

It took a few hours for Dr. Dobbs to finish up surgery and then to cast all the babies before he could see Matthew's foot. After talking with me, he agreed, Matthew's dorisflexion is quite good this time, but his foot is drifting inwards (MA) and his talus is quite prominant. He felt that a cast would be good to get his foot back into position.

We talked about taping and that Matthew's latest physiotherapist also has a degree in kinesiology. Dr. Dobbs thought that was fantastic. He felt that the taping may do more good if we start right out of casting. He wasn't sure how much or how often, sort of left that up to Steve. He did say that maybe the taping will hold his foot longer then the three months we seem to be getting from a cast.

He did say that he wasn't ready for anything drastic for Matthew. He is pleased with what we are achieving with casts. If the casts were only holding the correction for a few weeks, we would need to discuss other options. That this regression is normal for kids with nerve damage. They don't have the ability to pull their foot to the outside so the muscles keep pulling the foot in. That one day, when he stops growing, it will stop turning.

We fly out early tomorrow morning. And it has been snowing since 1 pm. The shriner's have decided to pick us up earlier then what we had originally decided (6:15 am) just in case the snow is as bad as they say it will be. Crossing my fingers we get out on time, we only have 55 min between flights in Minneapolis.


Sue said...

When I first read the word "Blue" my heart sank -- I thought it was referring to your emotional state. :) So in a weird kind of day, I'm kind of glad that it was 'only a cast!' :) I guess that's the hard part for us parents -- you know in your head that this was probably going to be the outcome ... yet for some reason, we keep that tiny place in our hearts open for hope, just in case ...

I know it's a bummer -- it's frustrating. But you know, after reading your post "objectively," I'd say things went REALLY quite well. Nothing drastic needed; taping might be a great new way to move forward ... I'd say you've got a lot of positive things to work with here! Easy for me to say, though. :)

Hope you have a safe flight ... and above all I hope you do feel some encouragement moving forward, especially with Steve on board and the new route of taping. All will be well, my friend!

Jennifer said...

Sounds as though it was a positive visit, all in all. You still have a plan of action and have good people backing you and Matthew up. Have a safe trip home!

Anonymous said...

Blue with a green stripe, I just LOVE his personality! :)I'm really glad to hear that Dobbs approves of the taping! I'm hopeful too that starting it after casting might buy you more time between casts...until the day that you don't need casts! :) Hope the adhesive remover works well too.

It totally makes sense what Dobbs is saying, there is no nerve funtion to those muscles, so the other muscles that do have nerve conduction want to function and pull the foot in, because there is no balance in the foot, so it goes the way the muslces want to naturally pull.

Have you ever wondered if nerve transplant is a possability? It has crossed my mind before, though I don't even know if it exists! The PTTT has been beneficial in balancing out the mucle of the foot, using a muscle with a good nerve to make the foot dorsiflex.

This is just my guess, I have no research or discussion about it, but wouldn't an ATTT not work for our kids? Because the peroneal nerve innervates that muscle and since it's not working properly I think an ATTT wouldn't be useful. I'm wondering if it ever comes to surgery if they can use another muscle, unfortunately we need the other 2 muscles in the posterior compartment (gastroc, and soleus) for plantarflexion. Hmmm. I'm thinking quite grand aren't I? :)

Anyhow, I'm so glad to hear that I can fax to Canada! :) I will try and have my hubby fax you something from his work. Do you have a fax number I can send to? Even to Steve's office perhaps?

Did you book your next appt at Shriner's? Oh, and I'm so happy you got to see Dr. Dobbs himself, I'm sure you felt it was worth the wait. :) You are a wonderful mom for going to such great lengths for your son! Matthew is lucky to have you!

P.S. I tried blogging for a few months, I could never keep up? :)

Allie said...

Glad dr dobbs is happy with sticking to casting for now. I hope the tape continues to work. Have a safe flight!!!

"The Leengrams" said...

It sounds like Dr. Dobbs was really encouraged by the taping! And it seems to make sense to get "back to right" and then resume the taping. The cast can move it and the tape can hold it...

We hope the weather didn't hamper your flight back home - extended stays in airports is never fun. Keep the faith - all will be well!

Niki said...

I wish I had more time to say all that I want to right now... or at least to say the things I want to say in a more eloquent fashion. But for now, this will have to do. Of all the people, at least I know you understand my rush!

I am so sorry that your son has to endure another cast. I know exactly what you mean when you say your heart sank. In comparison, we are just at the beginning of our journey, but it does feel like every time we take Merritt to a doctor we get more bad news. Of course, some how the doctors know how to "rose color" it all... I wonder if that is a course in med school?

I am incredibly interested in all this taping business you are talking about and I can't wait to learn more! After the bar though... two more weeks... ugh.

Merritt has an appt with Shriners of Tampa March 3. I am really looking forward to meeting the doctor and touring the facility. It was nice to hear you have had positive experiences.

Again, thanks for sharing! :)