Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back Pain For A Six Year Old

Matthew started complaining Thursday morning of back pain. I thought maybe he slept funny. Offered him some tylenol before school which he took. Very unusual for him. This is a kid who can be wracked with allergies and refuse medication.

Thursday evening. Same thing.

Friday morning, again.

Friday late afternoon. Bad. He was so upset at the end of school. Won't get into it, but he had to be dragged off the playground for bad behavior and ended up losing movie night. He was in bed by 6 pm. Slept 13 hours straight.

Saturday morning. Back pain still.

Sunday, finally. No pain.

It took until Saturday afternoon for me to to clue in. He had been wearing the shoe with the lift at school for a week when the pain started.


I am betting that he has been moving for almost 6 yrs with his hips out of place. Now, for the first time, they are in place.

And it hurts.

Poor kid.

Hopefully it will stop hurting soon.


Allie said...

Poor guy! I hope the back pain is gone, he's definitely had to deal with more than his fair share of hardships! I hope the lifts help and he is feeling better! He deserves it!!!

Sara said...

I hope the pain goes away for him soon. Poor little guy.

Jennifer said...

Poor Kiddo! Hope it doesn't last too long!

Mrs. Bird said...

Poor kiddo :( I'm so sorry. I hope it gets better for him soon!

Sue said...

Isn't it amazing how the human body can adapt in such incredible ways? That even something "wrong" becomes "right" ...

My husband had a similar situation -- a few years ago (maybe 5 now) he started going to the chiropractor regularly b/c of an ongoing pain/muscle tension in his neck (the church'll do that to you!!). After dealing with that for a few years, he couldn't take it anymore -- and it took a while to "fix" the problem (part of which meant leaving the church/pastorate altogether). Anyway, during the treatments he/the dr. discovered that, at the age of 30-something, his one leg was half an inch shorter than his left. Over 30 years of it!! Like Matthew, it took him a while to get used to getting "Fixed." He doesn't need a lift or anything -- regular adjustments actually stretched him out to where he needed to be (so not "doctor-speak" but that's how I understood it) ... but yes, it did feel pretty weird in the beginning for him.

I'm glad the pain stopped at least, here's hoping that he's adjusted now!

(And playground discipline?! Eeks -- we are on some kind of similar journey here with life-lessons in school, aren't we??!!) :)

Mama J. said...

That is tough... if it happens again, give me a call... I have a super-gentle chiropractor and he's helped Parker a lot with hip pain and during growth cracking.

So glad you figured it out!