Friday, October 16, 2009

Just When You Think It's Safe To Get Back In The Water

I really thought I had things licked. I foolishly thought we were over a rough spot and it would be smooth sailing for a few months.

I was wrong.

Matthew came home yesterday upset. His indoor shoes have a black sole and he is not allowed to wear them because they mark the school floor.

Remember what they look like now with the lift.

So, I took the shoe and sure enough, it marks my kitchen floor. And the mark does not come off.


I have a call into the teacher. Hoping that we can come to a compromise with this shoe. Hope that if he is responsible and does not intentionally make marks, that he can continue to wear them.

Otherwise, it means buying yet another pair of new shoes and trying to see if there is a lift that can be added that is not black.

That reminds me, I need to call Matthew's orthotist and see if there is even such a thing.


Jodi Patterson said...

You would think that they would make an exception in this case. It not like it is for a fashion statement.

Heather said...

I don't know the laws in Canada, but in the US, because of the medical condition, they CANNOT ban those shoes for him.

Also, as a teacher, particularly of middle school, students who love to purposefully make those marks on the floor, they do come off. The custodians hate doing it, but they do come off the floor. Get a magic eraser. (They actually sell a similar type product on a long stick that custodians use to get those marks off the floor.)

Did you hear the news on Dr. Ponseti?

Anonymous said...

My hubby says that they can make lifts in almost any color to match the shoe, but that they are usually white or black or brown soles. Surely you can get them if needed! Jamie

Mrs. Bird said...

Thanks for your support! Did you find new shoes for him? Hope all is well. Is Jaye ok?