Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Feels Like Christmas

The view out our window is enough to make you think Christmas is just around the corner.

And we got to open this cheery looking package today.

Not sure who I felt more sorry for. The poor doctor attempting to remove a Dobbs cast or poor Matthew who had to endure it. Normally, cast removal takes five minutes tops. This poor guy was stumped and mystified and it took him 40 minutes. Normally, the cast comes off in two pieces. This poor guy butchered the cast (better then butchering the child) and we only saved 2 of the bigger pieces.

Matthew is doing well and walking on it already, although it is tender and he tires quickly. Shouldn't take long before the crutches go back into storage.

Also stopped in and saw Matthew's orthotist for a lift on his indoor school shoes. Found out that only 3/4 inches and more are covered here. How silly is that? So 1/2 inch lift is considered...what? Unnecessary? Cosmetic? How silly. They shoe should be ready in a few days.

Here's hoping this leg length discrepancy and shoe lift is the last piece of the puzzle and his foot stops regressing.


Allie said...

Wow, snow already!?! Congrats to Matthew for getting his cast off. I really hope the lifts work and he is regression free!

Jennifer said...

Yup, feels like Christmas. Ugh!

Glad to see Matthew is still in one piece after that cast removal. Hope the lift does it's thing and he keeps improving.

Jesslikesstuff said...

Oh my...not ready for snow yet! Thankfully we don't have any yet, but we did get a Frost Warning (ack!) last night and today!!

Glad the cast removal went ok, but too bad you couldn't save teh whole thing :).

Really weird that 3/4 inch is covered whereas 1/2 isn't. How do these coverage decisions get made? Very strange. Hope this lift is the answer for him!!

Mrs. Bird said...

Snow? Wow. Glad he got his cast off and I hope the lift makes a difference for him. Prayers and hope for you guys :)

Sara said...

Look at that poor little birdie. Brrr...

Wow, what a crazy cast removal. Hope the lift helps. xx

Jodi Patterson said...

I love the picture of the birdie even though he is so cold.

I am surprised that 1/2" isn't covered....I thought mine was.