Thursday, February 24, 2011


On Monday, while skating, Matthew got a rub mark that turned into a bloody mess on his ankle from skating.

On Tuesday, he came home from school with his AFO in his backpack rather then on his foot. It hurt.


Now, he has been out of his AFO for two more days.

Will try again tomorrow to see if he can wear it again. Hoping his cut on his ankle is the reason he is out of the AFO. If not, then it is back to the orthotist we go.



Sara said...

Oh no. I'll be hoping for good news that the AFO is back on and you don't have to go back to the orthotist yet.

MoonDog said...

we are fighting pressure sores from the straps across the ankle. so a bloody mess of a different kind. after we worked SO HARD to get them corrected (6 casts and flying to Philly for each one)I would hate to lose correction because he wont wear his AFOs. I keep putting them on just not as tight. I hope its enough!

Reagan said...

Hi there! I'd be glad to have my blog listed on yours. I'm reading through your sons journey, it's a long one! It's nice to meet others who have the same feelings, frustrations and triumphs as ours.