Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back In The Saddle

Or AFO I should say.

Yesterday Matthew wore his AFO all day. Yay! Guess the cut on his ankle was the culprit.

He also had physio yesterday. Steve is still pleased with his dorsiflextion, mainly focusing on his forefront drift (Metatarsus adductus).

So, for the time being, things are back to normal...what ever that means.

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Sue said...

Hey Jo-Ann! Sorry it's been a while since I visited your blog ... I've been busier than I care to be! :)

Glad to hear Matthew's back in his AFO. Seems as if that's becoming like Linus's blue blanket. :) Grace has been getting MAJOR pressure sores on her feet, waking up with them every morning. Of course my worst fears say "it's a relapse!" but her foot doesn't look any different. I had read somewhere that as older kids begin to "grow out" of the brace, sometimes persistent pressure sores are part of that growing out. I wonder if that's it ... We still have to make it all the way until September 2, through a hot and sweaty-footed summer, so we'll see ...

Glad things are steady for you! Sometimes that's not a bad place to be! :)