Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day In A Crafters House

I asked the boys what kind of Valentine's Day cards they wanted me to buy for them to hand out this year. Their answer,

"We want to make them this year!"

I reminded them they needed to make one for each child in their class. That maybe store bought would be easier.

Nope, they want to make them. And not just a cut out heart with the student's name on it, but a unique creation for each child.

It was one of those proud mommy moments mixed with the feeling of 'crap, there goes my table for the next week'. So, out came all the paper, scissors, glue, foamy shapes and everything else you could ever want to make a valentine's day card with.

They are about half way finished. Matthew's have gotten more elaborate as he goes on.

Ryan has decided to stick to one template.

I hope the kids, parents and teachers understand how much work and effort is going into this project.

And a quick update, Matthew is finally on the mend. Even went to school today.


Jenn M said...

I almost cried when Bella said she wanted to make cards. She sprung this on me today. Good times. At least the weekend is coming up.. lol

Looking great though!

Amber said...

Those are great!

I told my kids we needed to start making Valentines and they said, "Aaaaaaaw...can't we buy them this year???" LOL

Jennifer said...

Those are awesome! Glad to hear the boy is on the mend!