Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Revisited

Last week, Matthew went back to his orthotist and had the toe strap on his AFO adjusted. Finally, success! He is able to put it on in the morning, wear it all day at school and walk home from school with no problems. Yay!

And the back steps...

Matthew's tonsils looked horrid on Friday. Took him to the doctor again on Saturday. No fever. No white spots on the tonsils. No hint at all that a bacterial infection was there other then it had been 10+ days since the last doctor's appointment and some mild fluid build up in his ear. Because of that, he was given yet another round of antibiotics.

That evening, the sore throat started. By bedtime, he had three doses of antibiotics. I thought for sure by Sunday evening, he would be right as rain.

I was wrong.

It is now Tuesday and he is just starting to get better. His mouth and throat starting Sunday was bright red covered with white. His throat so sore he couldn't eat or drink.

And to add insult to injury, he is getting his last molars. All four are trying to push through.

Poor kid.

Maybe next week will be his week.


Jenn M said...

Aww. Poor kid.

This strain of sick is a bad one. Bella was out all week last with strep and a sinus infection. It's a nasty season this year.

Hope you don't catch anything, I don't think I'm that lucky..

Jennifer said...

Poor boy! Poor Mama! Hope he starts making a comeback this week. Is there anything you need? Give me a call when you can.