Friday, March 4, 2011

Through A Muddled Mind

This week has been a write off. It started Sunday night with Ryan, and is ending today with all three of us sick.

All week I have had one or both boys home from school. Ryan made it to school for 1/2 a day, Matthew 2 1/2 days. Up every night coughing and asthma attacks. That meant I was up every night dosing with ventolin, vicks vapor rub, tylenol and anything else I could find.

And my reward for nursing these poor sick boys, a head, muddled with the terrible cold they have. You know the feeling, where your brain thinks it knows what it's doing, but when you see what you do, you think that your head must really be attached to a different body. Yesterday it took me three tries to make my fingers, which felt like over stuffed sausages, to dial the right number for the school to tell them who was away for the day.

When the boys woke this morning coughing and wheezing, begging for ventolin, I thought things were going to get I was pleasantly surprised when a few hours later only Ryan is coughing.

Maybe they are finally on the mend. I know my head has cleared slightly.

I would love to say we have the weekend to recover, but that isn't the case. Matthew has his first Holy Communion this weekend. Saturday is a retreat at the church and Sunday is the big day to be followed with a crowd over at the house after to celebrate.

I know I must be feeling better because I am both excited and panicked at the weekend ahead.


Allie said...

Hope you are all feeling better! I had a nasty cold/cough that is going around last week! It's no fun! Send in healthy vibes your way!

Jennifer said...

Hope you are all feeling better before the festivities! Have a great weekend Jo-Ann.

Sara said...

Feel better. Sounds like a fun weekend is in store. xx

Anonymous said...

There's nothing worse than a sick mom!!! And with spring just around the corner ... Hoping you all recover very quickly!