Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shoe Shopping

I love shopping for shoes... for me.

Matthew said to me last week, "Mommy, my shoes hurt."

Sure enough, he has grown out of all of his shoes.

For those of you who have been around this blog for awhile, you know that shopping for shoes for Matthew is never fun. There are so many criteria to meet for his shoes...

So, yesterday, off I went to the shoe store, AFO in hand, child in school, searching for the next size up. (Did I mention he is out of his AFO yet again with another blister? Will need to address that once this blister heals.)

Why do I go without said child to the shoe store? Honestly, it is easier. Because there are so many criteria, the number of shoes to try is limited. And it breaks my heart to watch him find a pair that he loves only to tell him, no, they will never work for you. So, I go to the store, try the brace in as many shoes that work, then buy what I can. Then, he can try that selection on at home. Less disappointment that way.

The criteria while at the store?

1. Must be non-marking.

2. Must have a sole made from a material that can be split and have a lift inserted. That means the sole has to be wide enough, and can't go up in the arch like so many shoes do these days. Oh and color... if there are multiple colors, then the lift will be very noticeable. And that is not cool.

3. His AFO must fit in it.

4. I try to keep the shoe under $40 seeing the lift that is added is $50. That makes each pair of shoes $90 or less.

Yesterday, I walked into a sale and I had a coupon! Woohooo!

This is what I walked out with.

That was a good shopping day!

Once the boys were home, I had Matthew try on all the shoes. Of course, he has his own criteria.

1. Must look cool.

2. Must fit his right foot.

Out of five pairs, two fit...kind of. It seems one size up may not be enough. I will have to get two sizes bigger and see if that is better.

Oh, and of those two pair that kind of fit, one has a sole that is a funky blue color. Matthew loves that. Tony (my shoe guy) may not be able to match it.

At least one pair may work.

Today, back to the shoe store to return 3 pair and buy 2 other pair. And stop by Tony to see if he can match the sole color. Then back home to see if those shoes work. Then return what doesn't, and have a lift put in to hopefully two (indoor and outdoor) pair.

I hate shoe shopping.


Allie said...

Score on the sale and coupon! Shoe shopping for a clubfoot kid is always an interesting task, even without an AFO. Riley likes the cute, maryjane shoes but unfortunately her feet are still pudgy from the cf and they just don't fit her right, which when we say no, leads to a temper tantrum in the shoe store. Sigh! Hope your shoe guy can match the soles!

Elyse said...

Thanks for your "two cents" on the Dobbs bar. I am leaning more toward using it.
I am so glad to know you, too! Makes this whole club foot world smaller and I know it will help out when we are closer to what you are doing....shoe shopping. Glad you found at least two of them!