Thursday, March 24, 2011

Frustrated and Thankful

I am trying to set up Matthew's next appointment in St. Louis with Dr. Dobbs. He has become so busy now that it is really hard to get in to see him at Shriner's.

I sent an email to Kristina to see what days from April 18 - June 27 we could come in. Seems that of those 11 weeks, he is only available for 2 dates, and one of those is the only date that doesn't work for us because Craig can't take that day off of work.

I am so frustrated not because of the heavy workload Dr. Dobbs and his staff have taken at the Shriner's recently, but because of Matthew's old surgeon here.

For those who don't know the whole story, you can read it here. The short version is, when I asked Matthew's pediatric surgeon of 6 years if we could possibly go to the US for a second opinion, he was very rude and condescending to me, telling me that the doctor I had found was a nobody, that I had been internet shopping and that he refused to sign the paperwork that would allow me to obtain out of country insurance to see Dr. Dobbs. He happens to be the head of pediatric orthopedics in the city and works with all the other surgeons here. So, with him refusing the sign the paper work, my only other option was to go through Shriner's. Which we did and were so fortunate to have them immediately start the paper work for Matthew to see Dr. Dobbs.

And now, with Dr Dobbs so busy, he is now seeing older children at the Children's hospital to try and relieve some of the workload at the Shriner's. If it were not for the arrogance of the surgeon here, we would be able to see Dr Dobbs at the Children's. So frustrating.

And, I think I recall a clause in the paperwork for out of country insurance stating that if you start going out of country before obtaining the insurance, that you can not go back and request it after the fact. So, even if the surgeon here had a change of heart, my hands are still tied.

Frustrated. In fact, beyond frustrated right now.

And yet, so thankful.

Kristina (Dr. Dobbs' care coordinator) has spent the better part of the morning emailing me back all kinds of information to try and get Matthew in to see Dr. Dobbs at the end of June. Dr. Dobbs, Kristina and the team are beyond busy at the Shriner's and yet, I still get emails back immediately and they are bending over backwards to make it work for us.

And so thankful to the Shriner's, who took one look at Matthew's file and Dr. Dobbs' credentials and knew right away that this was the doctor for Matthew. AND had the paperwork and funding for him with in a week.

So, today, I am frustrated and yet thankful.


Allie said...

Yay, I am glad it is working out. Sorry you have to go through all of the frustrations. And as for Matthew's surgeon in Canada, he's way off, in fact our orthopedic surgeon told us that if Riley got to the point where he felt he couldn't help her or give her the best results that Dr Dobbs would be the guy he would send us to, not only is he a stand-up guy but he's a fantastic surgeon! He thinks very highly of him. Matthew is in great hands! I hope it works out!

Fiona said...

Hi Jo-Ann,

Thanks for your comment on our blog. Please add our blog to your list of clubfoot blogs. I have started to look through them as well as look back on your blog. It's great to read about other kids in the same situation.


Wally Woo Hoo the Clown said...

Finding the right doctor for your child can be frustrated but when you finally find one the frustration seem to disappear.

I'm so happy that you have found a great doctor now that is doing such great things for Matthew.

Jennifer said...

Hope the appointment making works out!

Adam said...

Hi Jo-Anne,

Thanks for getting in touch please feel free to add our blog to your list.
Best Wishes