Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Lucky Day

It must have been my lucky day or maybe even week.

I took the shoes with the blue sole to see my guy Tony. Wanted to know if he had that color.

**small world, while I was there, Steve (Matthew's p/t) was there too. Chatted for a few minutes. Seems he now has another clubfoot boy (5 yrs) and was asking me some names, numbers for AFO's and such. Small world, or perhaps the way the world works...

Tony was out for a bit but the guy at the counter told me they could NOT do that shoe. They did NOT have blue.


As I was walking out, in walked Tony. I showed him the shoe and told him what I wanted. Not even through the front door yet, he took the shoe and started walking to his work area.

And my man Tony said, "Of course we can do this shoe. I will cut the black part of the bottom off, and put a black lift on. It will look great."

Yay Tony!

Thankfully I chatted with Steve long enough for Tony to get back. Like I said, is it a small world, or just the mysterious way the world works? Had Steve not been there, I would have taken the other man's opinion and returned those shoes...

So, off to school to get the boys. Then down to the shoe store to measure his feet. Yup, I had the right size. Yay me!

I dropped the two left shoes off at Tony's to have the 1/2 inch lift put in. And the other great news? He thinks they will be done by tomorrow!

Talk about luck! But no, I am not going to buy a lottery ticket. I think I have just used up all my luck for the next week...maybe month!

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