Monday, April 11, 2011

Sick Kids...Again...wait a minute, didn't I post that already?

Yup, sick kids again.

Two weeks ago, Ryan had a fever of 40 C (104 F), then his ear started to hurt. Took him to the doctor who said no infection, just fluid. A day later, all pain gone.

I thought good.

Not good. Then his ear began to drain icky stuff. Yup, perforated ear drum.

Then, Matthew got sick, again.

Took them both in to the doctor.

Matthew has an ear infection and strep throat.

Ryan has no hole in the ear drum (most likely already healed over) but lots of lovely pus behind his ear drum.

Both on antibiotics. Again.

The difficult part is, Ryan is allergic to penicillin. So he is on Biaxin.

Matthew gets upset tummy and terrible diarrhea with Biaxin so he is on penicillin.

The doses are different, and one gets it twice a day, the other gets it three times a day.

Crossing my fingers I don't screw it up. So far I only once tried to give the wrong dose. Lucky for me the kids stopped me. Whew!

They are now on the mend, back at school. I am trying to play catch up with housework. Hopefully will get a chance to post about skiing in the next few days.


Mrs. Bird said...

Sorry to hear they've been ill. I feel like this winter will never end and we'll never have a reprieve so I can empathize :) Take care!

Allie said...

Glad to hear they are feeling better! Riley had an ear infection and a temperature of 104 last week too, not fun! I'm trying to play catch up too!

Jenn M said...

Blech. The eardrum sucks. I hope it is less painful then with an adult.

Glad they are on the mend.

It has been the flippen year of sickness that doesn't end.

Jennifer said...

Poor kiddos! Poor Mom. Glad to hear they are on the mend. Can't wait to see you this week! Been too long friend, lots to catch up on.

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