Thursday, May 8, 2008


So on Tuesday, I went to get Matthew ready for soccer and found his AFO had a huge crack in it.
It is hard to see, but the crack goes from where it articulates, down past the ankle and down to the middle of the bottom of the foot.

Put it on him anyways and he played soccer. Did really well, was able to keep up with the other kids, kicked the ball a few times and even took it away from the other team a few times.

So on Wednesday, I called his orthotist. He got an appt at 10:15. Found out then that the AFO was not repairable. But, he was able to have a new one made in the next few hours, could I leave the old AFO there and come back at 2:30.

Matthew was seeing his surgeon at the ACH at 1:20 and I needed the old AFO so he could tell if it was fitting well. So I had to leave his old AFO at the orthotist, go back for 12:45 to pick it up, see his surgeon at the hospital at 1:20 and back to the orthotist for 2:30. Among the other things that had to happen.

Anyways, got to the hospital on time and got in right away. His surgeon looked and felt the fit was ok, but was disappointed at the front foot still pulling in and the lack of upward motion. Never good to hear the surgeon say that.

He did say though that it could take 2 yrs before we see what we want. 2 years. Sigh. Guess I was hoping for sooner.

He was rather amazed to hear that we all did a 4 km hike on the weekend and that Matthew did about 3.75 km easy. The last .25 was tears, sitting down, tears, bribes and more tears. He was sore, but walked the last bit and was rewarded with his choice of restaurant for dinner. He picked Mexican.

So back we went to his orthotist who had his new AFO made and ready. So we are now back to square one, with sore spots with a new AFO. Trying to get a good fit so he can wear it 8-10 hours a day. Hoping this one will adjust easier then the others in the past.

One a really positive note, not sure if it was the new AFO or not, but I was able to get a pair of running shoes (Ironman) and rubber boots at Wal*Mart today. We were getting desperate!

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