Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Matthew played soccer again last night. He absolutely LOVES it. Never seen a kid so excited when he gets to kick the ball during a game.

Well, last night, Matthew got a goal. Not one of those break away, run to the net, kick it high in the corner over the goalie's shoulder kinda goal, but one of those, busy traffic around the net, someone kicked it towards Matthew, he bumped it with his shin and it skipped quietly past a player into the net. But that doesn't matter. He got a goal. He knew it, I knew it, and all of the spectators knew it.

Not much makes me cry, but I had to wipe the tears away. My expectations for his soccer season were blown away. He is less then 4 months post surgery. I wasn't even sure if he could play soccer, let alone be one of two kids last night to score. I am so proud of him. I wanted to yell out to all of the parents. To take Matthew's shoes off and show them all the scars so they too could understand how amazing that small acheivement was.

It is funny how something so little, and so normal to most parents and kids can bring so hope for the future. All of a sudden, I didn't see Matthew sitting on the sidelines watch games in high school, I saw him trying out and making teams. Playing baseball, basketball, volleyball. What he decides he wants to do, he will make it happen. His determination will bring him so far in this world.

Today, I embrace that determination.

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