Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back to St Louis

We have our tickets in hand and our accommodations booked. Ready to go back to St Louis on Sunday. My husband asked me how I was feeling to be going back so soon after our long stay. I had to think for a minute.

My first reaction is, crap, we are off again. But after thinking it through, this is a good one. This trip is what made the whole process worthwhile. We go to have his final cast removed, his foot checked out, his AFO fitted and a trip to p/t for instructions on what we need to do and how often. We are through the hardest part. 7 weeks of casting and we are onto summer! Yay!

And when we get back, I am planning a camping trip for the US long weekend. And, yes, I will be pulling Matthew out of school for it. Even though he has missed almost 4 weeks of school, a three day camping trip is just what this family needs. Some family time doing what we all love to do.

The future is looking fantastic and I for one can not wait!


Jennifer said...

Sounds awesome Jo-Ann! The pleasant weather must be waiting for your trip. lol
Have a safe trip and we will have to get together after you get back!

Sara said...

Hope the trip goes well. The camping trip sounds wonderful!!

Mama J. said...

I will wish for beautiful weather for your camping trip and your appointments to go off without a hitch.

Would love to get together to catch up too!

Angela said...

I'm glad it is finally coming to this! Enjoy your vacation when you get home, it will help revive all of you!