Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stress and tears

I think the stress of it all is finally hitting Matthew. He has been a bear to take to school all week. He is back to sobbing, hating school, not wanting to go. His teacher even had to pull him sobbing off of me the past two days.

I know what some would say. If it is that bad, let him skip a few days. Problem is, this is a kid who did this almost all last year in preschool and for the beginning of this year. If he knows that acting this way gets him out of school, it will snowball.

So I drag him in, his teacher drags him off of me and I leave. Not fun. Good news is he settles within minutes of being there.

Hoping that when we return next week, he can settle down into a routine again for the last month and a half of school.


Sara said...

Poor little guy, and poor mom. HUGS. I hope it can all settle down soon.

Jennifer said...

Hope all can return to normal soon. So tough on the both of you. {hugs}

Heather said...

Is it the being out of school for casts and braces that get him upset? Is he worried about his next visit and how the braces will be or does he have a hard time adjusting to his schedule being 'off'?

I would so love to meet you when you come to St.Louis

I hope that when he gets back, he'll be able to feel great.

Jenn M said...

Poor kiddo. Hope it all settles down soon..