Sunday, May 3, 2009

Getting a Cold?

The past few days Matthew and I have had scratchy throats and been sneezing. I thought allergies and have been giving allergy medicine in the evenings. This morning Matthew woke up with an itchy throat, sneezing and popping ears despite the 24 hour allergy medicine.

Crossing my fingers it is not a cold. Not sure what that would mean for surgery tomorrow. If the surgery doesn't happen tomorrow, the doctor does not have OR time for weeks again.

I am going to keep it a low key day, maybe try and have him lay down this afternoon... maybe a bit of Gravol to see if he can sleep.


Always A Party..... said...

I just got caught up on your posts Joanne. I hope you don't end up with colds. My thoughts and prayers are with you both for a successful surgery and a safe return home.

We will have to get a few girls together and have a nice dinner out when you get settle back at home.

Jennifer said...

Hope you all stay healthy, and that surgery can go as planned.

Sara said...

Praying that you both stay healthy.

Allie said...

Keeping my fingers crossed you guys stay healthy and that the surgery goes as planned and you get to go home!

Sue said...

UGH! I remember when Grace was 3 months old and scheduled for her surgery (it should have been the "easy" in-office tenotomy snip but our doctor wanted the full-blown 2-hour deal ...) -- I was dreading the surgery, crying every day, simultaneously wanting to put it off yet wanting it DONE and over with. Then about a week before, she came down with the flu and didn't recover in time for the surgery, so we had to put it off for another month. It was torture having to wait some more! Oh, how I know this feeling!!

Praying for you both this morning -- for health and for a "go" with the surgery, that he'll sail through it with no trouble. Hugs to you!!

Mama J. said...

Thinking of you today!