Friday, May 1, 2009


I knew this would come. Matthew is now scared of his surgery on Monday. HE holds it together most days well, but usually has a few bouts of tears every evening. He knows we are close to coming home, but that by getting closer to coming home, he is closer to surgery. The last one was so painful and has left him with some rather terrible memories. Hard to convince him otherwise. Besides, I can't lie to him, it will hurt.

As for me, I am ready to go home too. I am getting rather lonely. Tonight at dinner it was all new faces as so many we have gotten to know have gone home. I am craving adult conversation, adult tv shows and a glass of red 'w'. If I know my dear husband, all three will be waiting when we get home in 4 sleeps.


Jennifer said...

{hugs} Matthew! Just remind him of all the good things waiting for him at home. I know it won't take away the worry, but hope it helps a little. {hugs} to you too Jo-Ann.

Sara said...

Hugs to you and Mathew. You're both so strong, but a little fear is bound to make its way in. I wish I could take some of it away. God bless you both. Counting the days until you are home. xx

Sue said...

You're in the home stretch!! Oh, I know it's so tough -- you start out strong, but then find yourself in patches where your strength fails a bit. In some ways it's a bit harder dealing with an older child like Matthew (rather than a 3 y.o. like Grace) -- he's aware of what's going on, he knows what's in store, he remembers the good and the bad ... poor little guy!!

I'll be praying for you both during these next few days, and Monday especially -- God's a whole lot stronger than a little stubborn foot! :) Hang in there ...

Sonia said...

Hugs Jo-Ann! I can sort of understand how you feel with the up coming surgery. Emma's having eye surgery this Thursday and we're all a little nervous and scared. Although, mommy & daddy have to keep it together for Emma's sake.

I hope it all goes well!

Mama J. said...

That is tough, hon... it is hard to let your child know that something is going to hurt and thet you are going to let that happen... even when you tell them that it is going to help them feel better in the long run.

Last time P was in the hospital, his IV occluded 3 times in 24 hours, which meant 4 IV's in 2 days.

He was hysterical. I finally had to get down on the bed in front of him and ask him if he wanted the pain to come back. He of course said no and realised that we were trying to help. Then he laid down and let them do another IV.

Hardly on the same pain scale, I know, but sometimes they can be reasoned with.

This is just never easy.

We miss you two.