Saturday, May 2, 2009

Testing, testing

Today I am not able to open my blog from these computers. A window keeps popping up saying it is blocked due to drugs and alcohol content. I am guessing because I used the 'w' word in my last post. ARRRGGHHHHHH! Luckily I was able to load blogger and then sign in. I can see my dashboard and create a new post, but not see my blog. Hoping by adding a new post I can see my blog.

So this is my test. Crossing my fingers, I am already blocked from my facebook and my yahoo groups time out when I try to log in most days.

3 more sleeps!


I was able to go in through my dashboard and edit the naughty 'w' word out of my last post and am able to see my blog again. How silly...


Anonymous said...

You so deserve a glass of wine, wish I could have one with you and just chat in person! :) Hang in there. Jamie

Jennifer said...

That is a little over the top.
Thinking of you!

Cheryl said...

I wish I could speed the clocks up for you, so that you could both be back home and your family all together again. Sending good thoughts and wishes your way.