Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A New Day

Despite the poor start to yesterday, the day turned out well.

We saw Matthew's orthotist who got to see his new AFO from St. Louis for the first time. He didn't say much but spent a lot of time looking at the fit and thinking. I've learned that this is Ken's way. He gets quiet when he is problem solving. He ended up adding some foam type padding to the outside of the ankle that will compact where there is pressure, but will stay filled in where there is not. Will give it a few days checking for pressure sores to see if it is working. Crossing fingers we will see less supination. By the way, that is what I was seeing in that wet footprint. That and some metatarsus adductus. (see, I am learning all the big words now!)

Onwards we went to p/t. Matthew asked me to talk to the p/t about not leaving him sitting alone like she did last week. (his regular p/t is out of town) She said she would sit with him the whole time. He seemed relieved.

While Matthew was at p/t, I was able to get out and buy a dress from Winner's for my SIL's wedding. Only $40!! Yay!

Back to p/t to get Matthew. She was very pleased with how hard he worked and the fit of the new adjustments to his AFO. She wasn't sure as she only saw him for the first time last week but she thought his dorsiflexion had increased 2 degrees. I will wait til his regular p/t confirms before I celebrate that one.

Today is a new day. Warm and sunny. We are heading to Calaway Park today and then packing for a camping trip this weekend. Seems like summer is finally here.


passions and soapboxes said...

Have a good trip. We always took the kids camping and those were great times. Have a smores for me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I read your story from the start. My sister had simlar problems with her feet. I don't recall what it was called since I was pretty young. But do recall her wearing special shoes during the day and the bar thing at night. I recall my mother making many trips to a childrens Hospital in Tucson for treatments.

Now as a grown adult she is doing well.

Anonymous said...

Levi had adjustment today too on his daytime hinged AFO...due to supination. But we are opposite, his was made here. But his night time one on the bar was made in STL and my local orthotist wanted to look at it more, specifically at the inner lining material. And when we were in STL they wanted to look at a material that my local orthotist used on the daytime AFO. So basically, all this travelling is teaching orthotists/doctors/etc about new things! Yay for us, we're not just patients or mothers, but teachers too! :)Jamie

Flores Hayes said...

a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this Morn Creations bag

Sue said...

You've got a clever orthotist -- sounds like a good plan is in place!

Welcome to the world of MA -- it was all new to me too. Grace's MA actually bothers me more than her more specific clubfoot issues -- I guess b/c it's just more visible. Yes, we are all learning big, new words -- I never thought I'd be throwing around this kind of medical jargon in conversation, that's for sure! :)

Hope you have a wonderful time camping! We'll get ourselves to the woods one of these days ... :)

Jaye @ canadian-mom.ca said...

Hey! I'm popping in to see if everything is ok? You haven't posted in a while...Just checking in :)